Thursday, March 7, 2013

Physics Lab

Physics Lab Report
Lab 3: Energy and Momentum
convocation and name

Abstract: In our experiment, we were trying to muster the energy bolshy due to semi elastic strike and friction. as well as we put in the efficiency of the collision using certain equations. We found come to the fore that the loss of energy due to semi elastic collision is a lot more than the loss of friction. We had many extraneous errors with measuring because of our inaccurate source of measuring system. The materials we used were 6 steel ball bearings, a U-track, meter stick, and triple radiation therapy balance.
Objective: The objective of this Energy and Momentum lab is to find out the loss of energizing energy due to the friction. Also we be trying to find the loss in kinetic energy through and semi elastic collision. So we are undergoing this experiment to find out what we want and then if our losings are consistent then our systematic error send word be removed to analyze our data. Now we can depart out un-useful energy so we would be efficient.
Experimental picture:
In this experiment we used many supplies such as, a u track, 6 steel ball bearings with different mass, a meter, and triple beam balance scale. In our experiment we prime(prenominal) massed our marble to find out how much mass of each marble would be. We had two of the same sized marble though the mass ordain be varied.

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We used the u-shaped track with 5.0cm good increments from the base U to measure how high our marble will go up. Then we got a ¾ ball bearing and dropped it from increments of 10cm to 40cm. We iterate these steps for the other marbles with different ball bearing. We had members of the team up to approximate the height of the marble going up after the drop. We used the meter stick to see how high scratch line from the base of the U. We did not have an exact number only if we had an estimate. We had a releaser who drops the ball at the certain increment. It is important that the marble is dropped from its center. Then we recorded our data for each marble.
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