Monday, March 25, 2013

Thelady Of Shalott

The lady of shalott

The lady of Shalott tells the story of a woman who lives in a tower in Shalott, which is an island on a river that runs, on with the passage be spot it, to Camelot, the setting of the legends ab break King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. every(prenominal) day, the woman weaves a tapestry picture of the landscape that is tangible from her window, including Camelot. There is, however, a curse on her; the woman does non know the cause of the curse, tho she knows that she cannot envision directly out of the window, so she views the subjects of her artwork through a mirror that is beside her. The woman is happy to weave, but is tired of looking at carriage only as a reflection. One day, Sir Lancelot rides by, looking courageous and handsome in his shining armor, and singing. The woman goes to the window to look directly out of it, and the moment she does, she knows that the curse is upon her. So she leaves the tower, finds a boat at the side of the river, writes The Lady of Shalott on the side of the boat, and floats off down the river toward Camelot. As she drifts along, singing and observing either of the sights that were forbidden to her before, she dies.

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The boat floats past Camelot, and all of the knights make the target of the cross upon seeing a corpse go by, but Lancelot, seeing her for the first time, notes, She has a lovely face.

Part I: The poem begins with a description of a river and a road that pass through long fields of barley and rye whiskey before reaching the town of Camelot. The people of the town give way along the road and look toward an island called Shalott, which lies further down the river. The island of Shalott contains some(prenominal) plants and flowers, including lilies, aspens, and willows. On the island, a woman known as the Lady of Shalott is imprisoned within a building made of iv gray walls and four gray towers.
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